When you are injured at work the aftermath can include more than a painful recovery. Many serious workplace injuries leave workers facing expensive medical bills and rehabilitation costs – on top of their everyday expenses – while they are unable to work. Workers’ compensation can offer support, reimbursing you for medical bills and lost wages while you are trying to get back on your feet.

At Townes + Woods P.C., a Birmingham, Alabama, metro area workers’ compensation law firm, we provide knowledgeable, effective representation, helping people navigate the complex process of applying for workers’ compensation.

Dedicated Birmingham Workplace Accidents Lawyer

With more than 100 years of collective experience, our attorneys are skilled at advocating on behalf of clients with a wide range of injuries from workplace accidents, including:

  • Neck, back and spinal cord injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Injuries to arms and legs
  • Amputations
  • Internal injuries
  • Burns
  • Psychological injuries

Throughout the entire process, we are committed to protecting your rights and representing you in negotiations with insurance adjusters who are looking out for the insurance company’s financial interests. We will help ensure that your benefits are being calculated correctly, incorporating things like mileage and prescription medications, so that you aren’t being taken advantage of.

Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated, but when you have our seasoned attorneys on your side, the entire process can be easier and less stressful. We will talk you through what to do after sustaining a workplace injury, collect evidence to support your case, handle all paperwork and represent you in court. We are always accessible and will give you the personal attention you need to feel comfortable every step of the way.

To schedule a free initial consultation with a Gardendale, Alabama, workers’ compensation lawyer, contact us at 205-631-4019.

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