What to do if you are Hurt on the Job

If you’ve been hurt at work, you know that it can happen quickly and that the time afterward can be chaotic and stressful. Many people aren’t sure what they should be doing to protect their rights in those first hours and days after their injury. Therefore, we offer the following suggestions for what to do when you’ve been injured on the job.

  1. Get the medical attention you need. Your first priority needs to be your own well-being. By getting the medical attention you need immediately, you can reduce the chances of further aggravating an injury. Getting medical attention will also provide immediate medical documentation of your injuries. Be sure to give your doctor specific information about the accident, including any secondary injuries.
  2. Notify your employer immediately. Whether or not you think your injury is serious, it is critical that you report the injury to a supervisor immediately. Often injuries that seem minor at the time develop into more serious injuries when the shock wears off.
  3. Make a list of facts and witnesses. Often people think they will remember the accident clearly in the future, but it is best to make a list of specific facts and witness names while it is fresh in your mind. This may be important for collecting evidence later.
  4. Ask that your case be turned in to workers’ compensation. By submitting the case early, you can more easily get access to the benefits you need in the future.
  5. Keep a copy of paperwork and doctors’ notes. By retaining a copy of all paperwork you fill out and all doctors’ notes for time off submitted to your employer, you will have access to pertinent information in the future, if needed.
  6. Save all related bills and receipts. Workers’ compensation may reimburse you for any medical expenses and supplies.If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, do not hesitate to contact your hometown law office of Townes & Woods, P.C. for a free and confidential consultation.