Truck Drivers are at Huge Risk in Rollover Accidents

Our highways are constantly occupied by large, cargo trucks, carrying goods and raw materials all across the country. We count on our truck drivers to carry products we use every day to their destinations, but most truck drivers unfortunately travel with serious risks in case of an accident. Especially in cases of rollover, the chance of serious injury or death is far too real.

truck drivers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that over 576 truck drivers died in 2013 in accidents on the road. Rollover occurred in half of these accidents which caused fatalities in truck drivers. This is often the case when the cab suffers from some kind of structural weakness and crushes the driver inside. Even in cases that do not result in death, there is a potential for serious injury.

There is no excuse for injury or death to occur due to structural flaws and weaknesses in design. Even without rollover, the cab crushes in about 2/3 of all incidents. Today, stronger cabs that can withstand crushing so easily from accidents and rollovers are available. Whether because of cost or other reasons, production of weaker cabs is still practiced, putting drivers at continued risk. Those responsible should be held accountable for such decisions. If you have become a victim of such injuries or know someone who has, please take the steps to contact a lawyer today.