The Non-Financial Hidden Costs of Injuries

More often than not, when someone gets injured, the costs go beyond health and finances. While those are usually the two parts victims worry about the most, the other costs can be extremely high as well. However, especially when building a possible case for damages, health and financial damages may overshadow many of the other costs the victims have had to suffer through. Because no matter how much they cost you, they can also sneak up on you:

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  • Talents or hobbies: Tragically, an injury can lead to lingering issues that either cannot be fixed quickly or cannot be fixed at all. Sometimes, those lingering injuries can hinder or even completely stop victims from enjoying favorite hobbies. In cases of sports, music, and many other skill related talents, the affliction could mean the passion and countless hours of practice now seem worthless.
  • Independence: Victims are sometimes left needing assistance from relatives or medical professionals for various tasks, from house chores to personal hygiene. This position takes away the sense of pride and independence that was enjoyed before the injury.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety can come in many different forms and intensities and stop victims from enjoying many parts of everyday life. People afflicted are left with a fear, apprehension, or even full avoidance of certain aspects of life, which can include situations around the event of the injury: places, activities, or even social situations in general. Suffering through the anxiety can range from always struggling past a nagging fear when around the trigger to completely avoiding the trigger.
  • General pain: While the other aspects contribute to a certain level of suffering in their own right, more often than not, the injury is going to leave some level of pain, from discomfort all the way to complete agony. Whether it comes and goes or is constant, pain can tragically make a place for itself in everyday life.
  • Relationships: This mostly comes hand in hand with the others. When losing the ability to continue a hobby, losing independence, developing an anxiety, or working through pain, social relationships can easily become strained. It could even stem from the lack of energy to make the effort required to develop and maintain those relationships.
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There are countless other potential costs when someone suffers an injury. In situations where the actions or inaction of another is responsible for your injury, they should be held accountable for the costs, even the ones outside of health and finances. If you have found yourself struggling with this burden, please do not work through it alone. Call a lawyer today and get the help you need to fight for the justice you deserve.