Testosterone Replacement Therapy can cause Heart Attack and Stroke

Low testosterone has become an increasingly common issue in men as they get older. Under many cases, doctors administer Testosterone Replacement Therapy to correct this imbalance. Tragically, this common answer to the issue of low testosterone has been found to lead to very serious, sometimes deadly, side effects.


Particularly, two major studies researched the real danger of taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The first discovered that men who underwent Testosterone Replacement Therapy were almost 1/3 more likely to suffer heart attack, stroke, or death within three years of the treatment. The second study found that there was also a noticeable increase in such risks as early as 90 days from the treatment. Also, the results weren’t just focused on those with existing conditions. The risk of suffering from heart attack or stroke were just as likely for all participants in the study.

Victims of these extreme side effects had no information and were given no warnings about them. They had no way of taking such a risk into consideration when offered the treatment. Such an increase in the possibilities of heart attack and stroke can turn the lives of patients and their families upside down, or worse. So if you have been administered a form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (such as Androgel, Testim, Axiron, and others) and suffered these effects, or if you know someone who has, please contact a lawyer today.