What to Know About Accidents and Social Media

You may be feeling blessed after coming out of an accident alive or with minimal injuries, and you probably want to share with your online followers about your well-being. However, posting comments or photos on social media can have major effects on any potential insurance claims from your accident.  You better believe the first thing an insurance company or defense attorney does after receiving your file is to head to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform you are on and search your feeds.  They will try to find and use anything they can to dismiss or diminish your claim.  Here are some social media tips to follow after an accident.  

Avoid Posting or Post Minimal Information:

Insurance companies will use any and all information against you to lessen your claim. Defense attorneys will demand access to your social media accounts and attempt to use your posts against you. 

Do Not Post Opinions or Feelings:

Social Media

Keep all of your qualms, frustrations, and disappointments to yourself. It’s easy to post or tweet in the heat of the moment after an accident, but these emotions can be used against you and diminish the value of your claim. 

Keep Photos:

Take photos at the scene of the accident and of your injuries.  However, don’t post them on social media. A photo of you looking too happy after an accident could diminish your claim.  Insurance companies and defense attorneys will argue that you seem “too happy”, therefore your injuries or the effect of the accident cannot be as severe as you claim.  Save any photos on your phone and make sure it is backed up, so you have them in case you need them in court.

Keep an Eye on Other People’s Accounts:

Insurance companies and defense attorneys will also check your friends’ and family’s accounts. Make sure no one is tagging you in any other posts, writing about your accident or about your potential case.

Update Your Privacy Settings:

Even having the most protections on social media accounts doesn’t completely hide your information. If you have posted about the accident, you certainly do not want it to be shared with the general public.   

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