We turn to physicians and medications as a way to keep us healthy, so it is devastating when a medication we trust comes back to harm us. Such is the case with the nausea combatant drug, Zofran. While initially intended for use specifically with cancer patients undergoing extreme nausea due to chemotherapy, Zofran has shockingly been wrongfully prescribed for another reason to disastrous results.

Pregnancy Faces Huge Dangers with Zofran

Some doctors have prescribed Zofran to pregnant women with extreme cases of morning sickness (including Hyperemesis gravidarum). The danger is that the FDA never approved this medication for use by pregnant women. As the drug was never intended nor tested for use while pregnant, there was no way of knowing how safe this practice would be. Unfortunately, health risks did develop.

Infants born from mothers who took Zofran during pregnancy were at a much higher risk of birth defects, especially in the kidneys. Issues ranged from missing kidneys, misplaced kidneys, conjoined kidneys, and more. Such horrific afflictions should never happen, especially because of a drug that had no business being prescribed to expectant mothers. If you or anyone you love has had to experience the tragedy of a newborn suffering from birth defects after taking Zofran, contact a lawyer today to get the justice you deserve.

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