What to know about Living Wills

living wills

In the state of Alabama, adults over the age of 19 can draft living wills. This directive exists in cases where the author is unable to advise doctors of his or her wishes, either by unconsciousness or other means. In turn, ensuring the will of the patient is carried out regardless of circumstances.

Living wills can cover a wide range of conditions and scenarios, but mainly focus on whether or not to utilize life support or life-saving measures. These include artificial breathing, hydration, and feeding treatments. A living will can also be used to designate a specific agent to make such decisions for you. This ensures that a solid and quick decision can be made in time of unexpected situations not quite covered in writing.

Without a living will, loved ones may be placed in a painful situation of how to handle healthcare for the patient, especially if some members disagree. However, there are many rules and regulations regarding how to write and implement a living will. Something so important should not be taken lightly, so it is imperative to include a professional with years of experience in the field. So if you or a loved one is ready to prepare a living will, contact a lawyer today.