How to Report Hazardous Road Conditions in Alabama

With the recent extreme weather hitting various parts of Alabama, it pays to plan and consider traveling precautions and alternatives. Last September, flash flooding in North Alabama along Highway 72 caused widespread havoc, road closures, car crashes, and property damage throughout Huntsville and Limestone County.

Jefferson County, in particular, experienced a catastrophic tornado attack last January that cut a swathe of destruction across major populated areas, causing crippling structural damage and one tragic fatality. Although tornadoes are a commonplace reality in Alabama, preparing for them can be challenging and resource-intensive.

It takes an entire community working together to keep its citizens safe and secure, regardless of the weather conditions, good or bad. Because of this, reporting hazardous road conditions to the proper authorities won’t just save a stranger’s life… it could also save your own.

For Roadside Debris and Fallen Trees

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Depending on your current location, there are several methods of reporting hazardous road conditions. In Jefferson County, residents can call the Roads and Transportation Department at 205-325-5141 to relay any concerns regarding debris blockages, fallen trees, large potholes, and flooding. Keep in mind that this line collects local reports that involve road conditions within your immediate vicinity, not emergencies that require a prompt response.

For Emergencies

Calling 911 should be your first option when encountering life-threatening situations at home or on the road. If the hazardous condition involves, for example, cars getting swept away by floodwaters or a massive pile-up, alerting emergency dispatchers via a quick 911 call is the most optimal solution.

Information regarding possible evacuations due to chemical spills, wildfires, tornadoes, or floods can also be found at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s emergency blog. Aside from this, residents can also sign up for CodeRED emergency notification at the Sheriff’s website if they wish to be informed of breaking news and updates via SMS, phone call, or emails.

For Interstate Highway Concerns

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has a handy tool where you can report hazardous road conditions on the State, Interstate, and US highway systems. Concerns can include debris removal, guardrail replacements, roadway improvements, and traffic signs or stoplight repairs. Take note that ALDOT will not take reports on local roadways, emergencies, or immediate concerns.

For Non-Emergency Situations That Require a Quick Response

If you encounter any hazardous road conditions that require immediate attention while traveling outside Jefferson County, contact the respective Alabama Highway Patrol Office in your area.

Have You Been in an Accident Involving Hazardous Road Conditions?

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