How to Downsize When Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff

As some of us may have yet to learn, the median age at which children move out of the house is approximately nineteen years old. Whether your child leaves for college or moves away as a result of gaining financial independence, the time is sure to come for any parent to be left with an empty nest.

Nonetheless, the wealth of extra space in your home can lead to some new complications, such as how to downsize. How can you downsize when you have so much stuff your child can’t or won’t take with them? This brief guide will offer some helpful strategies.

1. Envision Your End Goal

Before you begin downsizing, think about the life that you and/or your partner envision having now that you officially have an empty nest.

Would you like to live closer to the city? Do you want to live somewhere a little more remote? Would you like to move to another locale entirely?

Any choice you make in this regard will determine your future real estate decisions. Thus, it also bears significant influence over how you downsize and what belongings you may or may not want to keep.

how to downsize

2. Sort Accordingly

Getting rid of stuff is the most arduous part of the downsizing process. When you downsize your home, make things easy on yourself by sorting according to what you want to “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, or “throw-away”.

To facilitate the process, try using a separate container for each category. You may have to be a bit ruthless and consider why you want to keep particular items. If the item has no use or little to no sentimental value, then your next decision becomes whether it’s in good enough condition to sell or donate as opposed to throwing it away.

3. Learn How to Downsize Little By Little

Moving, downsizing, and spring cleaning are all tasks that feel like extraordinary and immense efforts at the outset. However, you might be surprised that the decluttering process can bring you unexpected joy. The secret is approaching the task in manageable increments.

When downsizing, there’s no need to set yourself to a strict timeline. Take on each room little by little, small space by small space. The overall effort will involve much less stress, and over time you’ll see your space gradually become clearer and cleaner for it!

Approach Your Next Phase In Life With Security

Learning how to downsize is only the first step in approaching a monumental transition in your life. Many important decisions lie ahead, all of which you will want to approach with the same degree of practicality and poise. Whether steeling yourself for the housing market, protecting yourself from injury, or finding legal representation with old age, you should approach your next journey in life with utmost safety.

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