Four Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Getting Hurt at Work

1. Workplace injuries are common, and employers lie about them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says employers report that three million major injuries on the job happen every year. They also admit that figure is less than half the total, as employers hide whatever injuries they can. This means that not only are such injuries likely to happen, but when they do strike, your employer will most likely try to cover it up, which means

2. Those responsible don’t want to help you.

Up to half of all victims of workplace injuries do not receive worker’s compensation, and many don’t even bother applying.

Whether the incident was caused by lack of training, unsafe working conditions, or anything else, employers have a few tricks up their sleeves to deflect responsibility. These range from listing workers as independent contractors so they avoid paying for safety and insurance, to cutting corners in everyday operations. Because of this, many do not have access to the help they need, but that’s not even the worst part.

3. You are expected to pay for at least half of your injuries anyway.

 Between medical bills, rehabilitation, and the other expenses involved with these injuries, the victims are expected to carry the burden mostly themselves.
The graph even takes insurance and worker’s compensation into account. From that, if your employer lies and refuses responsibility for your injury, you could be looking at paying 84% or more for treatment or just having to refuse medical help altogether. The vast majority of workers do not have the means to cover this themselves, and they shouldn’t be expected to when it happens at work. What’s worse is that even if you get the bills and expenses under control, you may never get a chance to be comfortable again, because

4. The financial burden stays with you for years.

The monetary damages from workplace injuries do not go away after healing, or even a year later. The injury that may now physically hinder you can hold you back at work for years or even for life.
On top of outrageous medical bills and time out of work, you may not be able to recover from debt even years down the line as you earn less money. Not being prepared or fully compensated for such an incident can leave you in a hole with no chance of getting out.
That’s why, above everything else, it’s extremely important to seek a lawyer the moment a workplace injury happens to you. Don’t let a tragic injury at work get in the way of your livelihood or of your family. Call a lawyer with the expertise to handle these cases. You deserve justice and compensation to the full extent of the law, and that is just a phone call away. If you or a loved one has been victim to workplace injuries, call a lawyer today and fight for what you’re owed.