Five Common Mistakes Made While Filing for Social Security Disability

  • Lying about injury intensity – Both over and under exaggerations of pain and limitations can damage your credibility and claim.
  • Offering damaging information – One common pitfall here is explaining other hurdles stopping you from working: lack of transportation, poor job market, etc. In this case, it may be thought that if these other hurdles were handled, you would work despite your claim
  • Being vague – Pain and disadvantages can often be difficult to explain, but you must be clear about how you suffer. It sometimes help to keep a journal documenting when you are in pain and specific activities that are hindered by your condition.
  • Thinking only physical ailments count – Mental factors such as depression, anxiety, and many others are very valid claims for disability. In fact, it is estimated nearly 20% of disability cases are mental in origin.
  • Speaking alone – There are far too many factors at play when filing claims for social security disability. There are countless regulations to keep track of without professional dedication to the law. Fortunately, law professionals are available to help guide you through your disability claims.

If you or a loved one has a right to claim for disability, please contact a lawyer today to put the power of the law in your hands.