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Independence is a hard thing to give up, but as people age, they often find themselves needing more assistance. When you or your loved ones are no longer able to live alone, and begin planning for nursing home care, we can help.

At Townes + Woods P.C., a Birmingham, Alabama, metro area elder law firm, we work with families to develop comprehensive plans for full-time care, advising them on the benefits that are available and the financial consequences they carry.

For more than 40 years, our seasoned attorneys have been helping individuals and families plan for the future. While many individuals consider estate planning throughout their lives, few commit the same time to Medicaid planning and benefits.

We often work with families who are facing an immediate need for care after an elderly family member is injured or became ill, and he or she will not be able to return home to live alone. We sit down with them and explain the benefits available through Medicaid, a federal program administered by the state, which will cover long-term care if you meet income and resources requirements.

However, many people who need care exceed the income and resource requirements for Medicaid and must pay for care themselves until they have depleted their resources. That is why we also work with families who are planning for the future, helping them find ways to pass assets and property down to the next generation before they will affect Medicaid eligibility.

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