Defective Tires put You and Your Family in Danger

While on the road, we are always on the lookout for trouble. From debris on the roadways to reckless drivers, a careful eye can spot danger and react appropriately to avoid a collision or other harm. However, often it is the problems we cannot easily see that put us in the greatest risk. And while driving down interstate highways, the last thing we want is to fall victim to a defective tire blowing out.

defective tires; danger

Tires are held to strict guidelines before they are released for purchase. Even though, there are plenty of ways that manufacturers and dealers push unsafe tires on consumers, either intentionally or not. Some of the most common defects are listed below.

  • A used tire may not have properly documented mileage
  • A new tire may have sat unused for too long
  • Treads may be too shallow
  • Threading may be insufficient or showing

Some tire defects can be spotted. Each tire comes with a DOT number that tells you when the tire was made: 4 numbers standing for the week and the year. For example, a DOT number of 2312 would be the 23rd week of the year 2012. Also, you should monitor tires carefully for tread depth, exposed threading, and other signs of wear. Unfortunately, not all defects can be seen on the outside and go unnoticed until a disastrous blowout. So if you or anyone you love has been hurt or otherwise suffered from a tire defect, please call a lawyer today to explore your options.