Dangerous Complications Associated with Mirena Implant


As an intrauterine contraception, Mirena has been a popular choice. This is mostly due to the implant preventing pregnancy for up to five years at a time. Unfortunately, this intrauterine device (IUD) from Bayer may come with severe side effects. Tragically, many of these complications can be very dangerous and even fatal.

Women using Mirena may be at risk for such side effects, even if the IUD has yet to cause any issues. These can include perforation of the organs, shift in the position of the IUD (including expulsion), and even embedding into the uterus. Such activity with the IUD can cause tearing, inflammation, pain, and more to the surrounding organs. The damage can be severe enough to require surgery and can be life threatening.

As with other medications and treatments with such side effects, health care officials and patients may not have been warned of the risks. Complications with Mirena can lead to extensive treatment, hospital care, healthcare costs, and emotional trauma. Those suffering from injuries caused by this IUD may have opportunities for legal action.

If you or anyone you love has suffered from side effects while using Mirena, please contact a lawyer today to learn your next step.