7 Things to Think About if You Get Hurt on the Job

Unless you’re unemployed or work from home, chances are you are exposed to some form of hazard at work. Machines, forklifts, high places, moving parts, scalding hot coffee pots — almost all of [...]

Age Discrimination in the Workforce

These days, people stay in the workforce at later ages than ever before. Current advances in nutrition, medicine, and education allow workers to keep performing quality service for many years [...]

What to Know about Negligence

Every day, we count on the knowledge and expertise of others to keep us healthy and safe. We expect the products and services we engage with to be made or handled with professional care. We [...]

What You Need to Know about the Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was passed to ensure that qualifying employees across the United States had a set of guidelines guaranteeing fair and equal pay for work performed. Covering [...]

Four Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Getting Hurt at Work

1.Workplace injuries are common, and employers lie about them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says employers report that three million major injuries on the job happen every year. They also admit [...]

What to do if you are Hurt on the Job

If you’ve been hurt at work, you know that it can happen quickly and that the time afterward can be chaotic and stressful. Many people aren’t sure what they should be doing to protect [...]