Ethicon’s Physiomesh Recall: What You Need to Know

Ethicon's Physiomesh

If you’ve had hernia surgery within the past 7 years or so, you should know the facts behind Ethicon’s Physiomesh® Flexible Composite Mesh recall. Who is Ethicon? This entity is one of Johnson & Johnson’s manufacturers, known for developing medical devices that are used in various surgical procedures. They play a key role in producing a…

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Is the blood thinner Xarelto safe?

blood thinner Xarelto

Within the past year, the prescription blood thinner rivaroxaban has been brought into question. Contrary to some doctors’ opinions that the drug should not receive FDA approval, its manufacturers, Bayer and Jansen Pharmaceutical, put it on the market anyway. Now, individuals are stepping forward, claiming the drug is causing fatal internal bleeding. The concern is…

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4 Things You Need to Know About Car Recalls

About Car Recalls

When a manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that a car model doesn’t comply with federal safety standards or has a safety-related defect, an auto recall is issued. When this happens, your automaker should alert you so you can take proper action. If you are not alerted of the recall and get into an accident, then…

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Self-Driving Cars and Collisions

Self-Driving Cars

Recently, Tesla broke tragic news that an incident involving one of their self-driving cars caused a fatality. The Autopilot system the driver was testing did not fully register the vehicle ahead of time. The sensors could not differentiate between a truck’s cargo trailer and a road sign against the bright, daytime sky. The driver of…

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Dangerous Complications Associated with Mirena Implant

As an intrauterine contraception, Mirena has been a popular choice. This is mostly due to the implant preventing pregnancy for up to five years at a time. Unfortunately, this intrauterine device (IUD) from Bayer may come with severe side effects. Tragically, many of these complications can be very dangerous and even fatal. Women using Mirena…

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What to Know about Negligence

Every day, we count on the knowledge and expertise of others to keep us healthy and safe. We expect the products and services we engage with to be made or handled with professional care. We expect the facilities we enter to be structurally sound and secure. Unfortunately, there are times when this trust is betrayed:…

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Health Care Fraud

The healthcare industry works toward keeping contributors safe and healthy. Unfortunately, there are many people who seek to exploit the system for personal gain. In 2013, the FBI estimated that healthcare fraud costs the US $80 billion each year. Far too often, healthcare providers commit fraud. While it’s true that the main targets of such…

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Some Type 2 Diabetes Medications may cause Pancreas Trouble

Type 2 diabetes is a diagnosis that has become more and more common in the recent years. In response, the drug industry has been hard at work researching and developing new treatments and medications to help regulate the illness. Of these, a collection of medications known as incretin mimetics have released over the past decade. However,…

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GranuFlo and NaturaLyte are Linked to Serious Health Risks

Often, medical conditions and surgeries can lead patients to dialysis. Dialysis comes with hardships, medical supervision, and several prescription medications. There are many drugs on the market for dialysis, many used to correct specific needs. However, in 2012, two of these drugs, GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, have been issued a Class 1 recall from the FDA.…

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The Most Common Ways Companies Violate Antitrust Laws

Competition among businesses supports an economically safe environment. Multiple companies create many jobs while offering quality goods and services for prices as low as profitable to stay in business. This keeps quality high, service hospitable, and prices reasonable for the consumers. This even allows competitors to cater to customers in different ways and appeal to…

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