Is the blood thinner Xarelto safe?

Within the past year, the prescription blood thinner rivaroxaban has been brought into question. Contrary to some doctors’ opinions that the drug should not receive FDA approval, its manufacturers, Bayer and Jansen Pharmaceutical, put it on the market anyway. Now, individuals are stepping forward, claiming the drug is causing fatal internal bleeding. The concern is that it wasn’t tested the way it should have been, increasing the risk of dangerous side effects.

blood thinner Xarelto
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Why is Xarelto widely accepted so far?

Manufacturing and marketing play a big role in “hooking” the public on a particular product. According to Bayer and Jansen, Xarelto is a “safer” alternative to the older blood thinner Warfarin (also known as coumadin).  Some question their motive, however, saying it’s all about the money. If you’ve heard commercials say “Ask your doctor about __,” it’s because they want you to ask for the product by name. This increases the likelihood of a doctor prescribing it to you. Heart attack and stroke patients find Xarelto attractive because it is convenient. Unlike Warfarin, the newer drug does not require a routine blood test to see how it is affecting the body.

Awareness is key.

Before readily accepting a drug that doesn’t require regular monitoring, research the risks. Xarelto has not been recalled yet, and is still being advertised to the public as a safe, FDA approved drug. If you’re taking Xarelto and are concerned about your safety, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer today.