Been In A Car Wreck In Alabama? What To Say When The Other Driver’s Insurance Calls

A person never anticipates experiencing a car accident, nor the time that will be taken out of their lives to deal with putting their property and lives back together after the accident. It is always a good idea to contact an attorney following a car wreck.

car wreck

An attorney will always advise a client to be careful what you say to an insurance company. The conversation you have with an insurance adjuster could make a huge difference in your car accident claim. The first tip an attorney will give you is to avoid speaking with the insurance adjuster immediately, if possible. If the adjuster fails to make contact with you, they will send a correspondence letter asking that you contact them.

Also, any time you speak with an insurance adjuster, the conversation is recorded. What is said during that conversation can be used against you and your claim. According to Alabama law, if your actions contributed as little as 1% to the accident, the other party (and their insurance company) will not be held responsible for your damages. The insurance adjuster is always going to have their company’s best interest in mind. Therefore, their questions will be geared towards getting statements that are favorable for their insured. They are posing questions that may reveal that their insured was not completely at fault or only partially at fault.

So what should you do following a car accident in Alabama? Completely avoid contact with the other party’s insurance. Only make contact with your insurance company. If the other party’s insurance needs your version of the accident, then they can contact your insurance company. Other good tips to follow are:

  • Do not share more than the facts and avoid small talk.
  • Avoid releasing the names of your treating physician(s).
  • Do not give any personal information about your family.
  • Never sign a medical release – those medical records are protected by federal law.
  • Avoid posting details on social media.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact your hometown law office of Townes & Woods, P.C. at 631-4019 for a free and confidential consultation.