Documents You Need to Apply for Medicaid in a Nursing Home

If you’re trying to apply for Medicaid while in a nursing home, you’ll quickly realize how complicated and stressful it can be. There’s a lot of information that needs to be accurate and up-to-date; otherwise, you can expect lengthy delays in the application. To help guide you through this frustrating process, we’ve outlined the documents that you need to apply for Medicaid below.

Get Your Personal Information in Order

The first thing you’ll want to do is get all your personal details ready. Make sure this is all up-to-date and accurate. The key information to have ready includes the following details about the applicant:

Apply for Medicaid

• Full name

• Social security number

• Medicare number

If you’ve been married, you should also include your spouse’s name and their social security number. If they’re a veteran, including a VA claim number is also useful.

Documents to Submit with The Application

It’s important that you try to complete the application as accurately and fully as possible to avoid delays in processing. You’ll need to send the completed application to your District Office, which should be available on the back of the application form. There are a number of documents that you may wish to include in your application for Medicaid:

• Copies of any Medicare and Social Security cards
• Verification of gross amounts of any of the following benefits:

– Social Security
– Veterans Administration
– Railroad Retirement
– Civil Service checks
– Private pension checks
– Rental income
– Annuities

• Verification of any bonds, stocks, or mutual funds.
• Copies of deeds to any property owned by you, including their property or life estate.
• Any purchase and sale deeds to properties that have been sold or transferred in the past 60 months.
• Copies of any mortgages, trusts, loans, or promissory notes.
• Copies of various insurance policies including life, funeral, vault, burial, casket, term, cash, or group.
• Any long-term care policies.
• Any hospital, health, or cancer policies. A copy of the card or premium notice and payment method is required.
• Copies of any pre-arranged burial contracts, including an itemized list of any charges.
• Verification of gross wages.
• If applicable, a copy of guardianship papers, power of attorney, or curator papers.

Need a Hand? We Can Help

At Townes & Woods, we understand that applying for Medicaid in a nursing home can be complicated and stressful. That’s why our team of lawyers provides legal assistance to ensure all applications are completed fully, eliminating the risk of delays. We work with trust, integrity, and professionalism at all times to ensure that your needs are met.

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