Age Discrimination in the Workforce

age discrimination

These days, people stay in the workforce at later ages than ever before. Current advances in nutrition, medicine, and education allow workers to keep performing quality service for many years past the traditional retirement age. Unfortunately, sometimes an employer may take age into consideration in dealing with employment, benefits, or other factors. The good news is that there are laws in place to protect workers against such discrimination.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate based on age for anyone 40 years old or older. This restriction applies to the job application process, hiring, pay negotiation, promotion, termination, advertising, internship or apprenticeship opportunities, and even more. They are also prohibited to take age into consideration when offering benefits or retirement packages. Taking steps to force retirement of an employee is also prohibited.

Often, cases of age discrimination are difficult to prove. Examples of discrimination can be obscured and hidden. This is much harder, though, to take on alone. That is why it is extremely important to call a lawyer if you have reason to suspect age discrimination in the work place.