5 Safety Tips for Avoiding Accidents With Pedestrians

Were you aware that around 7,500 pedestrians are killed by traffic each year?

Many people are injured from these accidents as well. The most tragic aspect of this figure is that these deaths could’ve been avoided if drivers had been more careful. Even if you’re an experienced driver, it’s always good to freshen up your knowledge to improve your skills.

Do you want to know what you can do to keep pedestrians safe? Keep reading our top five pedestrian safety tips to avoid a terrible accident.

1. Be Mindful of Your Speed, Especially in City Areas

While you should expect to see few pedestrians on the highway, you should always obey speed limits wherever you are. Maintain a safe distance between the car before you so you have enough time to brake.

Your eyes should scan your surroundings in a city setting since pedestrians can enter your lane anytime.

2. Get Rid of Any Distractions in Your Car

Safety Tips

It’s tempting to multitask when you drive, but try to avoid doing any activities that pull your attention away from the road. Eating, texting, looking up directions, searching for good music, and putting on makeup are things you should do after parking your car.

If you’re traveling with others, don’t let their conversations distract your eyes from the road. All it takes is one second to hit a pedestrian.

3. Don’t Drive Recklessly Near Pedestrian Crossings

Often crosswalks, schools, and other areas with lots of foot traffic have reduced speeds. Slow down and get ready to stop if needed.

Avoid going around a car that’s stopped in a pedestrian area in front of you. The vehicle may be blocking your view of a person crossing the street.

4. Be Careful Around Stopped Buses

Lots of car accidents occur when drivers get impatient. Being around a bus can test people’s nerves when they’re running late, and the bus keeps stopping. Remind yourself to take a deep breath and cautiously navigate around the bus.

Never speed past a bus when it’s stopped because this is when passengers exit. You only know when someone might try to cross the street once it’s too late.

5. Never Drive Under the Influence

One person dies from a drunk driving accident every 45 minutes in America. It should go without saying that nobody should get behind the wheel under the influence, but this is a common occurrence.

Calling for a ride may seem inconvenient until you reflect on how it could save lives.

These Pedestrian Safety Tips Are Proven to Save Lives

Driving is dangerous, but being more cautious will help protect everyone around you. If you follow these pedestrian safety tips, you can take on the roads more confidently.

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