5 Dangerous Injury Hazards that are Commonly Overlooked

Personal injuries on private and commercial properties most famously involve slipping and taking a fall. However, just watching for slick floors and puddles may still leave you and others at risk for injury.

injury hazards danger

Some of these dangers come about gradually, such a wear and tear on structures and tools, while others can seem like subtle details that were accidentally forgotten. While there are countless variables contributing to this, below are five examples of such hazards.

  • Inadequate lighting that result in criminal activity
  • Unsupervised traps set for vermin or other nuisances
  • Worn supports for flooring, stairways, or other structures
  • Uneven or cracked surfaces in traveled walkways
  • Uncontrolled crowd in tight areas

Staying alert and cautious can help make sure you and any guests are safe. If you or someone else has felt the impact of a personal injury due to a possible premise liability, please contact a lawyer today to learn your rights and your next legal move.