4 Main Causes of Death at Construction Sites

Has someone you love been victim to a fatal accident at a construction site? You’re not alone. One in five workplace deaths happened in construction.

construction sites

Construction projects often run under strict deadlines and budgets, causing managers to rush, demand longer hours, and skip time-consuming safety regulations and training. These combine to create a deadly working environment with workers unprepared and unaware of the risks.

Half of these fatalities come from what’s known as construction’s “Fatal Four.

  • Falling – including slipping, falling from a great height, and faulty scaffolding
  • Struck by an Object – including construction equipment, tools, and building materials
  • Electocutions – including exposed wiring, lack of guarding, and improper wire handling
  • Caught in or between Objects – including being grabbed by machinery, a trench collapse, and construction vehicles

Worst of all, those could all have been avoided with proper guidelines, training, equipment, and supervision. There is no excuse for construction fatalities.


You should not have to bear the tragedy of losing someone you love in a construction accident. Call an experienced lawyer with the expertise that can help you recognize the party at fault and get the justice and compensation that you and your loved one deserves. If you have been suffering the loss of someone close to you from an incident at a construction site, call a lawyer today.