3 Major Design Flaws Cause Major Injuries in Cargo Truck Drivers

Across the nation, our goods are primarily transported by semi-trailer trucks. In fact, our roads see 3.5 million semis driving over 130 billion miles each year. Considering how large and important this industry is, it is shocking to see truck drivers under unnecessary risk for serious injury.


Someone gets injured or killed in commercial truck accidents every 16 minutes, and it’s estimated that 75% of those are not the fault of the professional truck driver. However, due to cutting corners and limiting costs by manufacturers, truck drivers can fall victim to serious harm because of…

  • Weak Cab Structure – Stronger cab designs exist, but manufacturers still use weaker materials and designs, leading to higher chance of them crushing
  • Rollover and Ejection – Seat belt buckles can have defects that can cause the safety device to fail
  • Cargo Shifting into the Cab – Cab guards to hold cargo may allow it to shift violently ahead into the cab

These negligent issues can and have lead to pointless injury and death for commercial truck drivers. There is no reason these practices should continue. If you or a loved one has suffered from an accident while driving a semi-trailer, please contact an attorney to get legal help.